AGI shortlisted for two charity awards

30th July 2015

AGI has been shortlisted for Third Sector's 'Breakthrough of the Year” and “Big Impact” Awards as a result of our work on the Ebola response in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea in 2014.

AGI had been working in all three countries before the Ebola outbreak and our teams continued to live and work alongside their government counterparts throughout the crisis.

When it became clear that beating the disease was a logistical challenge as well as a health crisis our teams were asked to support the governments to set up command and control centres, working on critical issues such as “dead body management”, ambulance dispatch and contact tracing. This meant scaling up our teams at short notice and working hard to keep them safe during a period of unprecedented uncertainty in West Africa. Many former AGI staff also returned to work in the affected countries at short notice and their work has been acknowledged by the Presidents of all of the affected countries.

Ebola has not yet been ended in West Africa and our teams are still working with government partners to get to a 'resilient zero' of cases whilst also looking forward to the significant social and economic challenge of rebuilding in the affected countries.
Commenting on the shortlisting AGI's Chief Executive Nick Thompson said:

"The Ebola outbreak challenged the world to respond. AGI's role in that response was small compared to the thousands of local Ebola fighters in the affected countries but we are proud that our partners in government and the international community tell us it made a big difference."

You can read AGI's 'State of Emergency' report on Ebola here and read about our by using the links at the side of this article.