An epidemic of compassion

12th December 2014

"The example it sets is the reason why President Sirleaf chose this community, on Monday, to launch ‘Ebola Must Go’, a new mass awareness campaign to remind people that Ebola is still here, and that communities need to lead the fight. At around 3200 confirmed deaths, Liberia has seen the highest death-toll in this epidemic, although with new cases down from 100 per day in mid-October to 10 per day last week the country can finally get on the front foot. “But getting from 10 to zero will be harder than getting down to 10,” the President told a packed church, with Cabinet Ministers, heads of CDC, UNMEER, Unicef on her left, a children’s choir on her right, and hundreds crowding outside to get a peek. As the epidemic evolves and retreats into remote corners, she said, so the response has to adapt, become more agile, and rely more than ever on community cooperation and leadership.”

 You can read the full piece here

Peter Harrington worked for AGI in Liberia between 2010 and 2012.