President Condé gives an insight into challenges facing Guinea

13th July 2015

Speaking in New York at an event organised by AGI-US and moderated by Jeffrey Sachs last week, President Condé gave an insight into the challenges facing Guinea as it seeks to end the Ebola epidemic and outlined the government's plans for recovery. Addressing an audience of people from the philanthropic sector, he explained that their focus must now shift to also supporting the country's recovery, particualrly the social sector, and ensuring that this leads to improvements in the lives of the many Guineans who still live in poverty. 

 "Beyond the terrible human tragedy, Ebola also interrupted an upward trajectory of political, social and economic after decades of political turmoil and misrule in my country…It is time we call up all efforts to rebuildour social sectors, in particular our health, sanitation and education sectors. Ebola has threatened social systems that were already vulnerable. That’s why, we need to invest massively in these social sectors toachieve resilience to face potential future epidemics and to build the human capital necessary for our socio-economic development”.