Sierra Leone

Governance Advisor – Infrastructure

Deadline: 1st September 2015

About AGI

AGI is working for a future in which Africa’s development is led by Africans, with governments that are capable of setting priorities that reflect the rising expectations of their citizens. We provide practical advice and support to help African leaders to bridge the gap between their vision for a better future and the capacity of their governments to achieve it. We work with countries where we have had an invitation from the head of government. We work in five countries: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Rwanda, Guinea, Ethiopia, and Nigeria.

In the last twelve months our Governance Advisors have supported impact in a variety of sectors.

  • We supported the establishment of the Development Bank of Nigeria, which will provide loans to over 20,000 budding small businesses in its first year.
  • We have also begun our work to support Power Africa in its efforts to bring electricity to 600 million households across Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • In Rwanda our focus has been on delivering reform that will increase farmers’ incomes and exports.
  • In Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea we provided logistical support in coordinating the response to Ebola. We worked with local public servants to set up systems that ensured information on case numbers, contact tracing, ambulance despatch and dead body management reached senior government figures. This made sure that the right decision were made at the right time.

Our model combines the experience of AGI’s founder and Patron, Tony Blair, with on‐the‐ground teams of professionals working shoulder‐to‐shoulder with counterparts in the heart of partner governments – in Presidential Offices, ministries and other government agencies – to develop capacity and put in place the skills, systems and structures needed to drive the delivery of real results on the ground.

AGI in Sierra Leone

AGI has worked in Sierra Leone since 2008, supporting the President to articulate and communicate his priorities; enhancing central government delivery led from the President’s Office; guiding priority initiatives and projects to implementation, such as the Free Healthcare Initiative and 900km of feeder roads to boost agricultural market efficiency; and working every day with government counterparts to improve their skills and the systems and structures they lead to develop lasting capacity for delivery and good governance in Sierra Leone.

In 2014, AGI redeployed the team to support the Ebola response, capitalising on our networks, trust within government in our support and our knowledge of the country and government mechanisms to rapidly support the establishment of systems and structures to manage the emergency response. Since January 2015, AGI has been advising GoSL on the post‐Ebola economic and social recovery plan, the associated government delivery mechanisms to coordinate and drive implementation of the recovery and on mobilising the necessary resources, both domestically and from development partners, for the recovery plan.

AGI currently has 7 team members in Sierra Leone, working in the President’s Office, the Office of the Chief of Staff to the President, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Health and Sanitation and the National Ebola Response Centre.

As the Ebola crisis subsides, AGI wants to support GoSL to ensure it makes the most of this terrible crisis to deliver even greater impact for Sierra Leoneans than before. AGI is therefore enhancing its support and expanding its team in 2015 to seize the opportunity to build a stronger, more prosperous Sierra Leone.

What we look for in our people

Our teams all consist of outstanding individuals who demonstrate AGI’s values, excel at building and maintaining relationships, have the ability to help our partner government solve some of their most challenging strategic problems, and demonstrate strong leadership skills. Our people all have an excellent work ethic, can‐do attitude and enthusiasm to deliver impact on the ground for our partner governments.

AGI team members have a proven track record of leadership and delivery in the public or private sectors and generally have 7+ years of relevant professional experience. We seek to create international and multidisciplinary teams and are looking for individuals with a background in: public/civil services worldwide; strategy consulting; relevant industry experience; private equity and finance; and international development. 

We want to hear from candidates with in‐depth experience in infrastructure delivery in the public or private sectors, particularly in the water and transport sectors, and in the facilitation of PPPs. individuals with government, consulting or industry experience in e.g. the performance of infrastructure ministries and agencies, public-private partnerships, project management and oversight of major infrastructure projects in developing countries. 

The focus of this role

The focus of this role will be to support government to deliver major infrastructure projects in the transport, roads and/or water sectors. This support may be provided at the Ministry level and/or through the Public‐Private Partnerships (PPP) Unit within the President’s Office.

This role will entail supporting the relevant government counterparts to improve their ability to plan, finance and implement major infrastructure projects, securing the best possible deals for government and ensuring timely delivery of projects.

How to apply

Applications should consist of a CV and covering letter, explaining your interest in working for AGI and demonstrating how you meet the core competencies. Each should be no longer than 2 pages.

For more information please contact We will be looking to fill roles throughout 2015/2016 and will let you know if your application has been accepted into our talent pool.

Our Values

We work on complex issues in dynamic and uncertain contexts. When things are changing fast and we need to make decisions it is our values that guide us. We strive to be:

Government led
Because Africa’s future lies in the hands of Africa’s leaders and its people
Focused on impact
Because making government more effective improves the lives of the poorest people
Politically savvy
Because reform is always political and only knowing the technical answer is not enough
Because we are most effective when we are trusted enough to challenge as well as to support our partner governments
Because in unpredictable environments you need the courage and flexibility to take risks
We share a relentless belief in Africa’s potential. We believe that change is always possible and problems can be overcome