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Oct 2016

Jul 2015

16th July 2015
Rupert Simons, former Country Head of AGI's Liberia project, tells us what it was like to work as an advisor in the President’s office and how AGI helped to get Monrovia's runway repairs on track.
14th July 2015
Only just over 1% of Liberians have electricity - find out how AGI is supporting the government to change this.
13th July 2015
Speaking in New York at an event organised by AGI-US and moderated by Jeffrey Sachs last week, President Condé gave an insight into the challenges facing Guinea as it seeks to end the Ebola epidemic and outlined the government's plans for recovery.
9th July 2015
Sebastien Frendo, AGI's Country Head in Ethiopia, shares his first-hand experience of the potential of manufacturing to grow the economy and reduce poverty in Ethiopia.
7th July 2015
In Liberia the government has a vital role to play in lifting constraints on the job-creating private sector and in kick starting job-creating industries, an important part of its plan to reduce poverty.
2nd July 2015
Africa is in the grip of an energy crisis, says this year’s Africa Progress Panel (APP) Report. We ask how to light up rural homes in sub-Saharan Africa.

Jun 2015

25th June 2015
The leaders of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea have played a crucial role in fighting the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. State of Emergency: how government fought Ebola, a new report from AGI, looks at the challenges faced by the people at the heart of the response in these three countries, and how they have overcome them.
19th June 2015
AGI’s founder and patron Tony Blair spoke at the Global Philanthropy Forum in Washington DC today where he set out the case for putting effective government at the centre of African development.
12th June 2015
Mr Blair with young people who benefit from the new AGI-supported solar power plant at Rwamagana, Rwanda. AGI’s patron Tony Blair focused on the importance of electricity to driving development in Africa when writing for the new Quartz Africa website this week.
9th June 2015
How can leaders make things happen when the odds are stacked against them? A recent article in the Harvard Business Review tackles this question, by looking to the example of Africa’s first female head of state, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

May 2015

12th May 2015
It took huge determination to beat Ebola in Liberia and we should take this spirit and resilience as the country builds for the future, Tony Blair said today.