Our supporters believe effective and committed African leadership will transform the continent

The Rapid Action Fund

The Rapid Action Fund allows AGI to respond quickly and fully to requests for support from African leaders

We know from experience that speed, flexibility, independence and the ability to stay the course are critical in building effective reform programmes. Yet it can take up to two years - a third of a Presidential term - to negotiate and mobilise funds for a traditional development project. The Rapid Action Fund allows us to begin immediately and make long-term commitments to African leaders that we will work with them until their people see the results.

Global business and philanthropic leaders have made commitments to AGI’s Rapid Action Fund. Because of this support, we’ve seen the impact in the way AGI works and in the lives of the people we ultimately serve.

I set up AGI to be able to respond quickly to new opportunities, to take risks and innovate. It is the ambition and flexibility of our donors that makes this possible.
Tony Blair
AGI Patron


Roads, bridges and power plants are not built overnight. The Rapid Action Fund makes sure AGI can support our countries until the job is done.


AGI was able to work on Ebola quickly when the crisis broke out. The Rapid Action Fund made this possible.


The Rapid Action Fund allows us to test new ideas and take calculated risks that could improve millions of lives.
AGI-US Relationships and Events Managers
Danielle Gram and Melissa Browne lead AGI-US. Together, they work from New York to create a network of leaders across the U.S. that share AGI-US's optimism about Africa.

Why we support AGI - SPF

Niclas Kjellström-Matseke, CEO of the Swedish Postcode Lottery, explains why the foundation has supported AGI since 2010.
30th September 2014
Head of Development and Partnerships, AGI
Jodie leads AGI's development and partnerships work globally.

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Our Impact

We are determined to make government work for the world’s poorest people – and we have seen impressive results.


The Development Bank of Nigeria was set up. It aims to grant 20,000 small business loans this year.


Solar powered street lights are making streets safer at night in Conakry, Guinea.


Over 900km of rural roads are helping farmers get their good to market in Sierra Leone.

What skills do you need to be an AGI Adviser?

We asked some of our advisers living and working in Africa what skills they need to work at the heart of government in Africa. Here's what they told us.
1st May 2015
Kaleta dam to double Guinea's energy capacity, allowing the country's power supply to meet the consumer demand for the first time in many years.
31st May 2015

AGI in Action | Liberia

The second video in our series looks at AGI in Liberia, one of our longest standing projects. The video, which includes interviews with government counterparts and funders, looks at the work AGI have supported in the country including the Government’s recent 150 day plan.
29th May 2013
AGI has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the Liberian Government to help tackle the Ebola crisis.

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